You are presented with a transcript of the audio recording, however, the transcript contains some errors. While listening and reading, you need to select the words in the text that differ from what the speaker says.

Important: The audio begins to plays automatically. You are only able to listen to the audio recording once.

To select a word click on it using the left button on your mouse. If you change your mind, left-click on the word again to deselect it. The words you select are highlighted in yellow.

Some helpful tips

Quickly read the transcription before you listen to focus on key words

In the 10 seconds before the recording begins, you cannot read word-for-word, but you can skim the transcription.

Focus on the words that give you information: e.g., nouns (‘economy’), adjectives (‘industrial’) and verbs (‘manufactured’). Decide what the general topic is. This will help you pick out words that do not fit this topic area, as you read and listen.

Follow the text with the cursor as you listen

In this item type, you have to select the wrong words as the text is read. Don’t try to make notes as you listen.

Move the cursor along the screen as the words are spoken, and click on any words that sound different from the words on the screen.

How is this question scored?

Your response for Highlight Incorrect Words is judged on your ability to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription. Each selected word is scored as either correct or incorrect. If all the selected words are correct, you receive the maximum score points for this question type. If one or more selected words are incorrect, partial credit scoring applies. This is the third of three question types where you can lose points if you choose any incorrect options. For any wrong options chosen 1 point is deducted, whilst correct options are given 1 point. Make sure you are confident in your choices.


  • This question type affects the scoring of listening and reading.
  • Your speaking and writing skills are not tested by this question type.

ILearn PTE 2020