About PTE Academic

The Pearson English Test (PTE Academic) is an English proficiency test which tests your ability to speak, write, listen and read. In order to study abroad in an English speaking country like Australia, or when they decide to become a permanent resident in such a country, many individuals must undertake this test to prove their proficiency in the language. The test, just like many other English language tests, consists 4 modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening.

One major characteristic that make PTE different from other aptitude tests is that this is a fully computer based test. There is not human involvement in the test- even the scoring is fully automated. Until a few years ago, people struggled to understand how exactly this test worked, especially the scoring part. Hence, it took PTE quite a long time to gain popularity among the people.

Some credit for making PTE popular also go to the PTE test preparation centres. These centres, to many extent, played the role of proponents of PTE. With so many PTE test preparation centres available these days, there should be no reason why the test-takers should be falling short in PTE tests. Yet, that’s still the case. The test-takers have been struggling to achieve required scores, which is usually 65-79 out of 90 points in all 4 modules of PTE.

Us at iLearn PTE have assessed many students with similar challenges. Before joining us, a few of them had either tried a few other training institutions, or practiced using online free materials, such as YouTube videos. A handful of them also had tried online classes. We do not discourage taking classes online, but what one needs to understand is that they are not for everyone. Call it lack of comprehension or desperation, people are trying options are all sorts without understanding what exactly works for them.

“One size fits all” strategy may work in other fields, but definitely not in PTE. Everyone is different, and so is their capability. That is what iLearn PTE specialize is. We strive in creating customised training plan based on students’ study needs and requirements, which has proved to work considering our incredible success rate. So far, we have helped many of our students attain their desired scores, and the longest we have required is 3 months.

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