For this item type, you need to restore the original order of the text by selecting text boxes and dragging them across the screen.

There are two ways you can move the text:

  1. Left-click on a box to select it (it will be outlined in blue), hold the left mouse button down and drag it to the desired location.
  2. Left-click on a box to select it, and then left-click on the left and right arrow buttons to move it across. On the right panel, you can also use the up and down arrow buttons to re-order the boxes.

To deselect a box, left-click elsewhere on the screen.

Some helpful tips

Read all the text boxes quickly before you start re-ordering them

Read the text boxes in order to understand the main idea of each one. You can do this by noting the key words.

Next, use the key words to form an overall idea of what the original text is about. This will help you find the logical order for the ideas in the text boxes.

Find the topic sentence first

Every well-written paragraph has a topic sentence. It is usually a clear statement about the topic, and all the other sentences are related in some way to this sentence.

The topic sentence can stand alone; it does not begin with a linker or a pronoun that refers back to something or someone (e.g., ‘he’ or ‘this’), nor does it does refer back to information or actions previously mentioned through the use of things like passive verb tenses (‘No link was found’).

How is this question scored?

Your response for Re-order Paragraphs is judged on your ability to understand the organization and cohesion of an academic text. If all text boxes are in the correct order, you receive the maximum score points for this question type. If one or more text boxes are in the wrong order, partial credit scoring applies.


  • This question type affects the scoring of only reading.
  • Your listening, speaking and writing skills are not tested by this question type.

ILearn PTE 2020